Democratizing Graph Data through Visual Analytics

GraphPolaris enables the valorization of knowledge stored in graph databases. We empower commercial users and researchers without a dedicated data science background to accomplish complex analytical tasks on (knowledge) graphs. Graph analytics finally explainable and trustworthy.

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open science

We are strong believers in the open science movement and giving back to the public that has made our research innovations possible. At GraphPolaris, we are committed to open data and open source and ask our community to contribute to this effort actively.

We also see that successfull open source projects can flourish with a strong commercial counterpart to back up the maintainance and development costs (examples here are Neo4j, MySQL, Redis, or Cassandra). We envision and actively support this strong collaboration between the open source community and the commercial user community. That is why GraphPolaris follows the successfulopen-core model giving commercial entities the ability to engage in this project through commercial licences, domain-specific customizations, on-premise hosting, and many more.

Open Science
Open Science
Open Science

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Our Platform

GraphPolaris is a Visual Analytics system that unites the strengths of human and data processing. Our system allows the user to understand, freely explore, and creatively steer the automatic data analysis process. Our easy-to-use interface and result visualizations allow users to accomplish astonishingly complex analytical tasks by perceiving and interacting with domain- and task-specific visual patterns.





Understand your data

Our innovative Graph Schema Visualization depicts the query possibilities, graph relationships, and data quality. This view is unique in the graph analytics world, as it focuses on what is doable with the data (task-level), rather than overwhelming the user with the raw data from the beginning without an idea where to start.

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GraphPolaris offers comprehensive solutions to suit your industry and eco-system challenges. Using our runway approach, we tackle your challenges structurally identifying where you can generate the biggest return on investigation.

Asset Performance Management

Our platform provides comprehensive analysis and visualization of risk and insights throughout the lifecycle of your assets, connecting the dots in the ecosystem to identify opportunities for efficiency, serviceability and customer experience.

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Security and Intelligence

Our platform provides significant added value in security and intelligence use cases by offering a holistic view of interconnected entities and relationships, uncovering hidden patterns, and enabling better decision-making.

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Healthcare and Personalized Pathways

Our platform aims to unlock the potential to revolutionize personalized healthcare innovation by enabling more efficient data integration and traceability, insightful analysis, and informed decision-making.

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Latest News

Keep up to speed with GraphPolaris by reading our latest blog posts. Here you will find information on our latest success stories, grants and funding, new products and general news.

GraphPolaris Presents at Utrecht University AI Labs

- May 2023

Interesting talks and outreach at the Utrecht University AI Labs event. We are proud a proud Utrecht University spin-off supported by the UU AI Labs!

Seed Money Received

- Nov 2022

Received the NWO Demonstrator seed money round to bring GraphPolaris to the product-market-fit stage.

Working on Beta

- September 2021

Together with a team of 11 developers we are currently extending our MVP into a beta product!

First Hires

- July 2021

Three new team members are contributing with their frontend, backend and business development abilities.

Startup Validation Programme

- March 2021

GraphPolaris has completed UtrechtInc's Startup Incubator validation program for science-based startups.

More Hires

- Jan 2023

We welcome two new Frontend Developers, Leonardo and Frank, to the team!

Funding from Google Cloud

- March 2022

We have received the Google for Startups Cloud Program grant worth $100K USD. We thank our funding partner Google!

Looking for Investors

- August 2021

Want to contribute to our growing business?

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MVP Ready

- July 2021

Our first MVP is ready and allows to explore Neo4j and Arangodb graph databases!

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Pre-Seed Money Received

- December 2020

Received the NWO Takeoff seed money round to explore the feasibility of GraphPolaris.