Manage your social Identity

Users on the internet leave a massive digital footprint by browsing the web, using social media and managing their finances. An average user generates more data than the average space mission, on a daily basis. The data is being used in ways we are not expecting or is potentially unethical. Therefore, more and more users want to learn how to track and regulate their data. A simple visualization of who tracks which data, helps users understand their data.

Track your data

Imagine a scenario where you need to track down all the places your bank account and routing information is stored. This solution should enable you to not only enter where this information is stored across the network of information, but also should allow you to find the specific businesses or types of businesses where your specific account and routing number are currently stored. Because of General Data Protection Regulation, you can now ask these businesses to forget the personal / sensitive information.

Track your habits

You want to track your expenditure habits to identify areas to save cash. GraphPolaris would empower you to enter where and when you shop combined with what you buy there, and the general price. This would enable you to identify specific trends in your expenditure habits and perhaps decide that coffee is better than expensive energy drinks to caffeinate your day.