Digital advertisements of new products and services are becoming more and more complex every year. This is due to the fact that users are spread out over different platforms and devices with very large amounts of data which can seem uncorrelated. GraphPolaris allows every customer to track patterns, connections and other insights hidden in their data that can result in more specific and accurate business decisions.

Build different views of your data

Using graph databases is the perfect way to achieve this. This results in a solution for understanding the patterns and connections between data. This, for example, empowers marketeers to create a graph that identifies the names of the fundamental people involved with a sales event, along with their specific attributes and the date of their involvement in the opportunity. With the click of a button, the marketer identifies specific actions of the people involved in the opportunity, such as reading a specific page, watching a video, attending a (online) meeting, signing up for a trial and more. By applying analytics on this dataset, the marketer is now able to offer the contextual next best procedure.